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Who sees the data is also up to you. Typically, anyone in your animal's chain of custody would see the data, but you can give specific permissions to any one person, company, or group of people you want. Of course, you can choose to not to let anyone else besides yourself see the data.
There are no fees for the rancher to access the network. RFID tags must be purchased either on our website or a vendor of your choice.
In order to make the system work, we will need at a minimum, three fields: tag ID, date/time, and location. Any other data you choose to make available is up to you. The idea is to give the end-consumer as much information as possible so they can make an intelligent buying decision but beyond those three mandatory fields you choose what you want to make available to the public or other participants in the chain.
Yes, we are trying to comply with standards set up by the USDA in preparation for future regulations regarding traceability. Information WILL NOT be shared with the USDA unless specifically requested by them regarding an animal health situation. The premise ID is part of the decentralized record as it is cross-referenced with the tag ID to determine ownership of the animal. Premise IDs are issued by your state animal health department. Specific state information can be found HERE and representatives from our company will be happy to help you.
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