How it Works

At the end of the day, the goal is for the consumer to see the provenance of their meat and rest assured the information is accurate. In order to make this happen, ownership information must be recorded and made available in a format that they can view on their smartphone. The data must be easy to understand.

We track ownership of the animals on our network by gathering RFID tag data. BlockChain technology makes the network decentralized, which means there is no central authority (like the government) that controls it. Unlike most centralized systems, sophisticated encryption inherent in BlockChain makes the system completely secure and unavailable to hackers. Every transaction is automatically verified by the other users in the network, so everyone always has the exact same copy of the data.

In order to make the system work, we will need at a minimum, three fields: tag ID, date/time, and location. Any other data you choose to make available is up to you. The idea is to give the end-consumer as much information as possible so they can make an intelligent buying decision but beyond those three mandatory fields you choose what you want to make available to the public or other participants in the chain.

Who sees the data is also up to you. Typically, anyone in your animal's chain of custody would see the data, but you can give specific permissions to any one person, company, or group of people you want. Of course, if you choose not to let anyone else besides yourself see the data, you might as well not be on the program.

If you already use RFID ID tags, you can continue to use the same ones. If you currently don't use tags, you can buy tags from our website or any other vendor. We recommend the USDA '840' tag because this type is rapidly becoming the standard in the industry and will be compliant with any future USDA tag requirements for traceability. Whether you purchase the tags from us or elsewhere, you will need to upload the tag data to our website. Upload instructions are on the site and customer service agents are always available to help.

Your data and the data others give you permission to access can be securely tracked on our website or you can use our convenient smartphone application. You can also see limited information about the consumers that eventually access the data from the QR code at the retail level.