Our Services

Decentralized Network

Our secure BlockChain network is the underlyng superhighway available for transparency and traceability to all participants from ranchers to retail.

Tag Sales

Although you do not have to buy tags from us, we sell the tags at a good price and log the tag's ID number on our network before they are sent out.

Robust API's

All participants continue to use the industry software they currently use. Software is connected to our network using robust API's (Application Programming Interfaces).


Aggregate data generated from the system will be available to those who have permission to use for improving practices. No data will be made available to outside sources without the participant's permission.

Smartphone App

An app is available to track demographic and transaction data for the transactions you have permission to see. A secure portal is also available on the website which will allow you to customize your preferences.


What the end-user sees at the retail level is your brand. Our network works in the background and makes it appear that the brand owns and manages their own network.